• Cat girl is available for sale. Call for pricing, info, and availability. This is the design from the classic tv series.

  • $295.00 rental

    This is the highest end Storm Trooper out there. This costume looks just like the movie abut takes a while to put on .This costume fits a size up to a size 46 chest XL

  • $295.00 rental

    Looking to blow people away at the party with your costume?! This Darth Vader costume is high quality and makes the Darth Vader breathing noises. This costume is a rental but it is also available for sale.

  • $165.00-$195.00 rental

    We carry Batman in couple different styles for both rent and retail. Call for info and availability.

  • $125.00 rental

    This superman is made of spandex and cotton. Call for more information and availability.

  • $165.00

    We carry a couple different styles of Robin for both rent and retail. Call for availability and more info. We can send you photos of the rental if you'd like. * rental halloween costumes Sophia's Costumes & Gifts in Greenwich Batman Costume Rental in Greenwich

  • $95.00 rental

    The riddler comes in both retail and rental availability. Call for more info, availability, and pricing.