• $75.00 rental

    This is an anuthentic vintage long red velvet smoking robe. It is a size 44.

  • $45.00 rental

    These are authentic vintage white dinner jackets. They come in sizes 38 to 46 because there are several different jackets.

  • $75.00 rental

    This is an authentic vintage long black and gold smoking robe. It is a size 44.

  • $95.00 rental

    This is a beautiful authentic vintage mens Chinese brocade long smoking robe. The material is so beautiful and colorful . the pics do not do the robe justice. It is a size 42 to 44.

  • $45.00-$75.00 rental

    Women's 20's suit comes with a black and white pinstripe pencil skirt and matching blazer. This costume can also be used for a Gangster suit.